Working with others in your class who researched the same explorer, from the information you gained, photographs you have sourced and maps that you have used, create a short movie in Movie Maker where you tell me in no more than three minutes the following facts about your explorer:

(a) His Name, date and place of birth
(b) What is he famous for
(c) The name of his vessel(s)
(d) The route he took
(e) Was he successful
(f) One other fact you found interesting about him.

Make sure that you work together to choose photographs, take video clips and record your movie. Upload these movies together with your AutoCollage to the Wiki. (Explorers page) You will see that I have put three examples of movies onto the page for you to view and get ideas from. You can dress up as the explorer and interview one another, you can act it out, you can insert short video clips into your photo's and maps. Use your group's imagination!

I will put some situations to you and expect you all to comment on them.


for you: